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Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)

The largest and most comprehensive listing of free and almost free events in Dublin published weekly and sent out Friday late afternoon.  The formatting of the website and email newsletter could be improved, especially when … [read more...]

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The Twisted Pepper

I had a hard time deciding where to locate this venue which is part cafe, theatre, bar, book and record shop, and even barber?  I know they serve up award winning coffee by day, but at night various groups rent their multiple … [read more...]

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JJ Smyths

The only dedicated jazz and blues club in Dublin, JJ Smyths hosts a wide variety of acts from around Ireland and beyond. … [read more...]

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival

A signature event and monumental tradition not just here in Dublin but all over Ireland and around the world.  Chance are there is a parade happening where ever you happen to call home.  In Dublin the parade brings everyone … [read more...]

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Bewley’s Grafton Street Cafe

The iconic (and extremely popular with tourists) Bewley's restaurant and cafe on Grafton Street is hard to miss, and they have several spaces upstairs with not just music but plays and dinner theatre as well.  Right now their … [read more...]

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Civic Theatre

I have yet to attend a performance at this theatre in Tallaght, but from viewing their website and reading their email newsletter I know they schedule plays, comedy, and musical events including some big names in Ireland. … [read more...]

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