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Temple Bar TradFest

The biggest festival celebrating traditional Irish music in Dublin, the TradFest is an excellent reason to visit in the otherwise cold, dark month of January. The music runs over 5 days and nights in numerous cozy venues in … [read more...]

Temple Bar TradFest

Meetup (Dublin)

If you still haven't joined Meetup.com, now is the perfect time to connect with active Dubliners who are members of and run groups that meet face-to-face at places all over the city.  It doesn't matter what age you are, … [read more...]

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Civic Theatre

I have yet to attend a performance at this theatre in Tallaght, but from viewing their website and reading their email newsletter I know they schedule plays, comedy, and musical events including some big names in Ireland. … [read more...]

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Alliance Française in Dublin

Learn French in Dublin!  With Paris and the rest of France just a short Ryanair or Aer Lingus flight away, you have the perfect opportunity (to) parler un peu français!  Besides offering courses in the French language and … [read more...]


Bewley’s Grafton Street Cafe

The iconic (and extremely popular with tourists) Bewley's restaurant and cafe on Grafton Street is hard to miss, and they have several spaces upstairs with not just music but plays and dinner theatre as well.  Right now their … [read more...]

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Dublin International Film Festival (Jameson)

The highlight of the film festival scene in Dublin has been sponsored by Jameson for the past few years.   For 2014 the dates are February 13th to the 23rd with their official ticket office located at Filmbase in Temple Bar. … [read more...]

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