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Temple Bar TradFest

The biggest festival celebrating traditional Irish music in Dublin, the TradFest is an excellent reason to visit in the otherwise cold, dark month of January. The music runs over 5 days and nights in numerous cozy venues in … [read more...]

Temple Bar TradFest

Meetup (Dublin)

If you still haven't joined Meetup.com, now is the perfect time to connect with active Dubliners who are members of and run groups that meet face-to-face at places all over the city.  It doesn't matter what age you are, … [read more...]

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Glasnevin Museum

Glasnevin is so much more than a historic cemetery.  The stunning visitor centre run by the Glasnevin Trust and opened in 2010 houses exhibitions on the lives of the famous and not so famous throughout Irish … [read more...]



This big site of entertainment listings in Dublin and all around Ireland is a necessary addition to the list, even if I find it a bit busy and challenging to search in Dublin by date and category.  It includes listings for … [read more...]

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Street Performance World Championship

An amazing event in 2011 with a record turnout of visitors to Dublin's Merrion Square Park.  2012 was even bigger and better.  Look out for the summer 2014 street performers to hit the park from the 10th to the 13th of … [read more...]

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Dublin Fringe Festival

Fringe festivals are among my very favorites, and the Dublin Fringe Festival stands out among the best (OK not nearby as big as Edinburgh but who's counting?).  Running the length of September 6-21 for 2014, this major … [read more...]