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Dublin Horse Show

At the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) grounds and expo center in Ballsbridge, this is a very popular event for horse lovers (and if you just like them) with loads to see, shop, and do.  For those of you that are curious but not … [read more...]

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Temple Bar Cultural Trust

It goes without saying that Temple Bar is the iconic place in Dublin and extremely popular with tourists from around the world both day and night.  For locals and visitors alike, the cultural trust organizes fun and free … [read more...]

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Science Gallery

What other city in the world besides Dublin can claim to have an interactive, educational, and thought-provoking (art) gallery devoted to science?  This unique gallery (part of Trinity College) changes their main exhibition … [read more...]

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Taste of Dublin

A highlight of the food festival calendar, the Taste of Dublin is a wonderful opportunity to sample foods from some of the top chefs in Ireland.  The spaces of Iveagh Gardens is a most perfect place to stroll, watch a live … [read more...]


Bram Stoker Festival (Halloween)

I can't imagine why it took to long to dedicate a Halloween festival to Dublin's own Bram Stoker, the author of 1897 Dracula horror novel (an absolute must read!).  Held around the Halloween (bank holiday) weekend, be … [read more...]



This big site of entertainment listings in Dublin and all around Ireland is a necessary addition to the list, even if I find it a bit busy and challenging to search in Dublin by date and category.  It includes listings for … [read more...]

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