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Workman’s Club

This Temple Bar venue has 5 performance spaces and hosts an impressive array of concerts and gigs from a number of Dublin promoters. … [read more...]

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RTÉ Performing Groups

Five musical groups that are responsible for performing at over 250 events annually form the RTÉ Performing Groups.  Their live concerts are held at performance spaces such as the National Concert Hall in Dublin.  While … [read more...]


Dublin Writers Festival

The annual writers festival for 2014 is scheduled for May 19-25 and hosts literary lectures and book readings for the public as well as discussions and workshops for writers.  You have the opportunity to listen to famous and … [read more...]

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International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

Sporting a creative logo picturing Oscar Wilde, this annual event celebrates the contribution of gay people to theatre past and present, and presumably future.  Staging performances in a number of Dublin venues, this theatre … [read more...]


Button Factory

This colorful modern Temple Bar situated music venue is a great place for local concerts and other music events. … [read more...]

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Temple Bar TradFest

The biggest festival celebrating traditional Irish music in Dublin, the TradFest is an excellent reason to visit in the otherwise cold, dark month of January. The music runs over 5 days and nights in numerous cozy venues in … [read more...]

Temple Bar TradFest